Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt / Stiftung Starke Lunge: neue wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Press Release

Frankfurt, 13 th September 2017

Since September the first, Dr. med. Silvija Jerkic has been joining the team “Starke Lunge”. Mrs. Dr. Jerkic is going to be the Foundation Research Fellow and she will be working in close collaboration with the Department of Paediatrics at the University Hospital Frankfurt. She takes over the function of PD Dr. Martin Rosewich who became the leading paediatrician of the Olgahospital in Stuttgart.

As medical expert of the Foundation “Starke Lunge” Dr. Jerkic will undertake the cooperation and the lead of the European Workshop Bronchiolitis obliterans. The workshop is an international symposium which has been already conducted by the Foundation “Starke Lunge” twice, 2016 and 2017.

Dr. Jerkic commenced her training in General Paediatrics at the University Hospitals in Freiburg and Göttingen where she has developed a special interest in Paediatric Pulmonology. She continued her training at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and at St Mary’s Hospital Imperial College Healthcare, NHS Trust, London. At Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children she worked as Clinical Fellow (Specialist Registrar) at the Department for Paediatric Pulmonology where she has internally rotated covering as ward registrar, cystic fibrosis fellow and lung transplant fellow. At St Mary’s Hospital NHS Trust she was a Locum Consultant in General Paediatrics.

The founder Julia and Frank Fischer are delighted to introduce Dr. Jerkic. With her excellent education, her experience with children with complex respiratory disorders and her international network she will be a great complement for the foundation team.

The organisational work will continue to be looked after by Mareike Schamberger.


Backgroundinformation Foundation „Starke Lunge“

 The Foundation „Starke Lunge“ was founded in 2011 by Julia und Frank Fischer. The purpose of this foundation was to help families and their children who are affected by chronic and rare respiratory disorders. It is difficult to diagnose these complex respiratory disorders and even for experts, there is hardly any treatment available. Therefore, further research is strongly needed.

To achieve considerable improvement for the affected children and their families, the foundation supports scientific projects, conferences and symposia in cooperation with the Children’s University Hospital Frankfurt and it supports the international academic exchange. In addition, the foundation has established a network for patients and physicians to share information and to provide counselling.

Further information:  www.starkelunge.de

Dr. med. Silvija Jerkic

Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt, Goethe Universität Haus 32 Eingang A Untergeschoss Tel: +49 69 / 6301 – 5732 E-Mail: silvija.jerkic@kgu.de / silvija.jerkic@starkelunge.de 



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