Welcome to Starke Lunge Foundation

Support for children with rare lung diseases

Our ambition is to help children with rare, chronic lung diseases and their families.

There are over 200 different rare lung diseases ranging from infancy to adolescence of which most are difficult to detect and even more difficult to treat. However, the symptoms of this heterogenous group are similar. They present with deranged gas exchange and restrictive lung physiology resulting from damage by inflammation and fibrosis.

To collect cases and to coordinate pan-european research from basic science to clinical care in complex and rare lung diseases, a network of multidisciplinary clinicians, scientists, and patients and their families called chILD-eu (children’s Interstitial Lung Disease) was funded. The Foundation Starke Lunge collaborates closely with the chILD-eu network project.

In cooperation with the Childrens‘ University Hospital Frankfurt, the Foundation Starke Lunge focuses particularly on children and adolescents with post-infectious Bronchiolitis obliterans and Bronchiolitis obliterans Syndrom. Our dedication is to support affected children and their families and to undertake research projects that will lead to improvements in long-term outcome of patients with Bronchiolitis obliterans.

Please help to fight rare lung diseases